Black and Decker cordless drill
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If you are among the persons that believe in “DIY (do it yourself)” and you do the household tasks yourself, then you will be in need of some tools. Among those many tools, one may be a drill. While you look for different drills that will help you in performing the basic tasks that are associated with it and ask me for a suggestion, I will name the LDX120C 20-volt MAX Lithium-ion Black and Decker cordless drill. I was also looking for a drill that helps me in performing the basic tasks, and I came across this one.


I had to do a couple of fixing tasks, and I decided to use this as my main gadget. While using it, I found certain things that were good. Although it is not a heavy duty drill that possesses the powerful and heavy features just like the other drills but is simply perfect if you look forward to doing the basics drilling tasks in your home or small workshop.

Black and Decker cordless drill

The noticeable features of LDX 120 Black and Decker cordless drill

There are multiple things in this drill due to which I am referring it to you. It is particularly designed for the lightweight tasks and being a person who loves to do the simple tasks on their own; you are surely going to love this drill.Black and Decker cordless drill

The power of Black and Decker cordless drill

It is a drill that comes with a 20 volt Lithium Ion battery. It means that this drill possesses some serious penetration power. You might be using a drill previously that comes with NiCAD battery. There are a lot of drills manufactured with this type of battery, but the fact is that the lithium-ion powered battery can hold a charge for a lot longer as compared to the traditional NiCAD batteries.

Moreover, they are easy to charge and will charge quickly than the NiCAD ones. Not only this but they are smaller and lightweight batteries which make them easy to carry and as they are compact too, they will take less space in your bag! If we see the torque power, this drill possess the torque of 115 inch-pounds and in concern with the light weight drilling tasks, this is some force. Furthermore, while using these batteries, you can leave them on the charger for some time without being afraid of the fact that they will get damaged.Black and Decker cordless drill

Drilling speed of Black and Decker cordless drill

There is no setting by which you can change the drilling speed. However, it depends on the amount of pressure that you apply on the trigger. The speed of drilling is determined by the pressure that you apply on the trigger. It is between 0 rpm to 650 rpm. It can let you fix the screws easily and perform that light weight tasks that are associated with drilling. Again I would say that this is perfectly cool if you are about to do household drilling work but might not be of too much importance if you are looking to do the heavy weight and heavy duty drilling tasks.


black and decker cordless drill

The size of chuck

The chuck size of any drill is important in concern with the drilling tasks. This LDX120C Black and Decker cordless drill come with 3/8” keyless chuck. There are multiple settings if you talk about the clutch. The 11 different ways will let you perform a wide range of drilling tasks, and you will be able to carry out the drilling easily. Even there is a setting for drywall so that you do not drill too deep and end up in worry. Though you may find that the chuck is a bit smaller and not appropriate for your tasks as mentioned above this drill is appropriate for lightweight tasks not for the heavy ones.

Black and Decker cordless drill


The gripping and comfort of use

While you are about to use a drill, you will always look at the gripping and comfort particularly if you are about to use it for a long time. This drill comes with a great 6.45 pounds weight (along with the battery fixed in it) which is appropriate even if you are looking to work with the drill for a long time span. You can hold this drill and may work for hours without ending up your arms fatigued. The grip of this drill is amazing and is made up for soft-rubber. The anti-slop properties of it make it easy for your hands to grab it.

Moreover, it is a compact drill so you can easily use it in the places such as cabinets, drawers, and small spaces. However, some people also said that it is not as comfortable as their other high-end drills. Well, it is comfortable, but if you see in the market, you may be able to get some drills that are even more comfortable. But for them, you will surely have to pay a high price.

black and decker cordless drill

The LED work-light

If you have a look at the drills that are manufactured to the modern standards, you will find that there is an LED work light in all those drills. In case that you have to drill or fasten in the dark corner spaces, you will love to have such a light assisting you in your work. There is a little bright light in this drill that will help you in looking even in those corners that are dark and will help you in drilling much more effectively. It will stay on even when you do not need it, but it is great to have because this will let you have a better look at the place where you are performing the action of drilling or fastening.


In short, one can look forward to this drill if he or she is looking to perform the lightweight household tasks. This LDX120C Black and Decker cordless drill is the best that you can find in this price range for the simple tasks of drilling and fastening.

black and decker cordless drill

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