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Small electric lawn mowers can help you cut grass of your small sized lawns in your backyard or front yard but if you have a big lawn or small farm with grassy plots then it will be difficult to cut grass with a small electric lawn mower. You will need a bid sized lawn mower with a seat so that you can easily trim your lawn without making a too much physical effort.  There are lots of cheap riding lawn mowers and tractors available on different online retailers like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. Some of the best and inexpensive lawn mowers and tractors are listed here for your ease.

Honda’s Cheap Riding Lawn Mowers

Honda is famous for making best engines in the world for all types of vehicles. It is also making very impressive lawn mowers and tractors. One of its high power and big sized lawn mowers is HRX. Actually, this is a series of lawn mowers especially designed to trim the grass of big sized lawn in less time.

The engine of this mower is very strong which makes this machine very heavy but its performance is also very remarkable. This machine has sharp blades closer to the ground, therefore, it is used for the micro trimming of lawn. If you love to walk on small blades of grass then this machine will work fine for you.

The best thing about this machine is that height of its blades is adjustable. You can adjust the blade height for 7 different positions. This feature will help you trim grass as per your desired size. The unique thing about this machine is that it contains four large size tires of 9 inches. These large size tires also increase the speed of mower. The speed of this machine is about 4 mph which is reasonably good.

You can push the machine for quick trimming of grass. It also comes with a rare bucket to collect pieces of grass. The size of the machine is big but you can fold it for easy storage. You can get this machine is less than 700 bucks. There are lots of other riding lawn mowers of Honda but this one is the least expensive one.

It has everything that you must need in any efficient lawn mower. You can even visit the official website of Honda to get more information.

Troy-Bilt’s Cheap Riding Lawn Mowers

Troy-Bilt is also famous for its small tractors and lawn mowers. The prices of its machines are higher than ordinary lawn mowers but lower as compared to small tractors of other companies.  One of its cheap riding lawn mowers is OHV. This lawn mower contains 420 cc engine and a seat to operate this machine while sitting comfortably.

cheap riding lawn mowers

This riding lawn works best for average people. Bulky people may not be able to use this mower very comfortably but it can work fine while carrying the weight of 200 pounds.  The seat is also adjustable to accommodate customers of all types of physique.

cheap riding lawn mowers

The stirring wheel with the 13-inch long rod will help you to control the machine without bending.  The speed of this machine is almost 4.5 miles per hour. This speed is enough to trim a giant lawn within a couple of hours. The length of cutting deck of this machine is 30 inches which further reduces the timing of trimming.

The size of the fuel tank is 1.3 gallon which is sufficient for a huge garden and you can even check the fuel through the fuel sight window in this mower. You can even ride this machine in your neighborhood for casual patrolling.

Since the size of this machine is more than 300 pounds, therefore, you will have to keep the delivery charges in mind. You can get this in 1100 bucks excluding delivery charges and it is a very reasonable price with all these features.

Husqvarna’s Cheap Riding Lawn Mowers    

Husqvarna is continuously manufacturing advanced lawn mower and now it has a wide range of lawn mowers to offer. This company has the specialty in manufacturing luxury lawn mowers. One of the best and relatively inexpensive luxury lawn mower of Husqvarna is YTA18542.

It is a heavy duty riding lawn mower with the weight of 585 pounds. If you have heavy weight and want to get a lawn mower at a reasonable price which can sustain you weight then you can go with this machine.  It is an 18 horsepower machine with the speed of more than 5 miles per hour. The 42-inch deck allows premium trimming and cutting of the grass. You can adjust the level of the blade to get your desired results.

The seat is adjustable so that you can work while sitting in comfortable position. The front lights allow you to work in the night which is amazing for those people who don’t get time during daytime but make sure not to work in the middle of night otherwise your neighbors will get disturbed.

The washing of this machine is also very easy as there is a water port in it which allows you to clean the deck and underside of the deck. All you need to is to connect the water hose to the port on the machine. This lawn mower comes with the warranty of minimum 3 years so there is no need to worry about the maintenance of this lawn mower.  This product is currently available in the limited region due to delivery concern, therefore, it is better to check the delivery policy before ordering it.

All these cheap riding lawn mowers will save a serious amount of money and let you trim your lawn using minimal physical efforts. You can use that saved energy for other important tasks. Some of these machines may seem little expensive but they are very cheap as compared to their counterparts.  You can select any one of these machines as per the size of your lawn.

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