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Here’s why should take lawn maintenance seriously. A lawn is more than just a beautiful green space. It surprising has many benefits to the environment and to the home owner’s lifestyle. Find out how to take proper care of your lawn and maintain a healthy, sustainable space for the environment!

For Maintenance Beginners

For those who are only starting out in the lawn maintenance department, here are some of the basics that you can’t miss out.

  • Know your lawn. Be familiar with the type of soil in your land and its condition.
  • Seed properly. Get the right type of seeds for the climate and for the type of soil you have.
  • Get the good mowing height. There’s a certain height in mowing that will allow the roots to grow deep and keep the weeds off your lawn.
  • Water infrequently. The right style in watering is not in the frequency but the depth. Make sure that you’re taking care of the grass down to the deepest root.
  • Feed your land. If you already know your soil, you should know if and when you should apply fertilizers.
  • Let the grass breathe. There’s a method they call aeration, which could help improve air circulation and allow nutrients to reach the roots. Gardeners and lawn owners usually do this to achieve a lush, green lawn.

Weeds and How to Control Them

For all homeowners doing lawn maintenance, weeds can be one of the worst nightmares of all. Try these following steps to help control weeds:

  • Feed regularly. Proper and regular feeding helps thicken up the grass and will get rid of those naked spots that weeds would usually occupy.
  • Take deep care. Unlike in gardens, lawn must not be watered too frequently, but ensure that lawn is watered deeply to allow the roots to grow deeper and stronger.
  • Mow at good height. Usually, mowing at a slightly high level can help lessen the chances of weeds growing because the tall grass may shade them.

Finding the Right Tools

If you’re not the lawn maintenance expert, the right lawn care tools would be your best friend! Maintaining a lawn can be quite difficult and may be too exhausting if you do things manually. This especially goes to those who have big lawns.

To take care of that, there are lawn care tools commercially available that are designed to help you. Usually, the basic tools people need for their lawn are the lawn mower and the seed spreader. It is best to find the right tools that you think can help you achieve proper lawn maintenance.

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